Honda Odyssey Wireless Headset Not Working for DVD ONLY

I really have a funny situation here. I don't know if this issue has been asked before but please let me know if there is a simple fix.

For some reason, there is no audio on our wireless headsets only when playing DVD. We can can hear perfectly when playing CD, Radio.. but no sound when playing DVD. We just hear a faint white noise. I don't think this is an issue with our headset. If there is an issue with the headsets, they shouldn't work no matter what we play. The problem is there only when we switch the mode to DVD.

To make is more clear...

• DVD sound cannot be heard through the
• DVD sound can be heard through the speakers
• The CD and radio can be heard in the headphones and speakers
• The RES display operates normally


This is a known problem with Honda Odyssey Vehicles. Unfortunately, you need to go to the dealer to change out the cable that goes from the DVD player to the audio unit to fix this.