2015 Cadillac Escalade BluRay DVD Remote And Wireless Headphones


This 2015 Cadillac Escalade BluRay DVD Remote And Wireless Headphones is guaranteed to work for you!

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  • Condition: NEW
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Programmed to only work on the following original factory screen:

  • AFFORDABLE -  The kids will eventually  use these headphones for a game of horseshoes and the remote for corn hole. When they lose 'em, don't worry - they didn't cost you an arm-and-a-leg. We've got you covered. We're parents too...
  • AUTO CONNECT - These headphones will connect to your car's rear seat DVD system automatically and provide you with crisp, clear sound.
  • BATTERY SAVER - The two AAA batteries  should last 6 months with normal use. The wireless headset will turn off automatically when no signal is received.
  • KID FRIENDLY  - Light weight for comfort. The adjustable band's smallest setting is perfect for front-facing kids. The largest setting is great for adults!
  • LEASE COMPANY ACCEPTED - When it's time to turn in your lease or trade in your car, make sure you don't get dinged for returning old worn headphones.
  • NO INTERFERENCE - Our headphones won't interfere with the current headphones you have in your car. You can use up to 8 headphones at a time!

Need to replace the missing or damaged wireless DVD headphones and remote in your car? Our Wireless DVD headsets are programmed with our proprietary codes to work with YOUR car. Simply sit in the rear seat of your vehicle, insert two triple A batteries, and select either channel A or B on the headsets. That's it! The headphones are light weight for the comfort of younger users, and adjustable, to fit children aged 3 and over. The heavy duty automotive grade plastic folds flat for storage but is strong enough to survive the harsh environment of your car ensuring years of use.

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